Welcome! Bienvenue! Namaste! Karibu!

Hello and welcome to my travel blog!

Growing up in a small town, I spent a lot of time dreaming about travel and adventure; however, it wasn’t until my 20’s that I was finally able to cross those Canadian boarders and dip my toes into the silky, soft sands of the Caribbean islands. From that moment on, I became consumed with an insatiable case of wanderlust.

My name is Amanda. Follow along with me and my husband, Sieu, as we immerse ourselves into new cultures,  dare to try new foods, brave new adventures, and make new friends. I hope to be able to motivate, inspire, and enlighten you through my stories – and if not, I will settle for at least entertaining you!

Current posts featured on my blog (which you can find through the search) are “Conquering Kilimanjaro(days 1 through 6), “Nomad Mandy Wanders the Sahara Desert (part 1 and 2), and, currently in the making, “Trekking to Everest Base Camp“. Want to know a little bit more about me? Check out my bio, under “About Me“.

I look forward to sharing our peculiar adventures with you all, as well as hearing your comments and feedback. If you have any questions about my travels, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

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