Take a Hike : The Dobson Trail (prequel)

Oh, the Dobson Trail. Over the years, this trek has somehow became my Everest…

Situated in the southern part of New Brunswick, this footpath winds through 58km of Albert County wilderness … or as I like to call it, my hometown! Growing up in this area, the idea of hiking all the way from Riverview to Fundy National Park, which would take an hour by car, oddly enthralled me!

As mentioned, I grew up in Albert County so many of my summer vacations, up until I started working, were spent at our camp near the Fundy Park. As a result of this, the coastal fogs and spongy moss became synonymous with my childhood.

I first attempted the Dobson Trail when I was 20 years old. Being young and ill-prepared, I only lasted one night, which I spent trying to keep warm and praying for morning to come. As soon as the sun rose, I packed up my gear and quickly backtracked to the parking lot!

Attempt two came four years later. Slightly better equipped but still lacking the necessary preparations for such an endeavor, I set foot once again. The first night was cozy, despite the coyotes pacing outside the walls of my nylon tent. Unfortunately, the following morning greeted me with the pitter-patter of rainfall. My spirits were partially dampered as I sloshed onward. I walked until the trail finally spit me out onto a paved road. From there, I paced up and down semi-looking for where the trail reconnected, but also subconsciously wanting an excuse to get back to a dry house and order pizza – so that’s what I did!

As a result of this, I have unfinished business with the Dobson Trail. At this point, it almost feels personal; therefore, I shall soon begin my third attempt with my thirteen year old son as my hiking companion. Surely, with some experience under my belt, this third time will truly be the charm!

Author: wanderingmandy2018

I am a travel blogger from New Brunswick, Canada and am very passionate about travelling and adventure! I absolutely love going to new places, trying new foods, meeting new people, and having a lot of fun! My adventures range from catching a wave on the North Shore in Hawaii and being breathless on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, to living in a Westfalia van on Vancouver Island and being awestruck by the starry nights in the Sahara desert! I look forward to blogging my adventures and hearing your comments, feedback, and own personal stories! Cheers 🤙

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